Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun...Fun... and MORE Fun...

Trent played in the Roy High School Alumni basketball tournament the last couple of nights, sorry the picture is blurry, but that is him shooting a foul shot. Trent really had a great turn out tonight in his cheering section!!!

Corby, Mckenna, Bethany, Chelsie, Malorie, Brielle, and little Olivia all came to the game to cheer for him tonight, they think Trent is such an awesome guy and we all know that he is!!!

Jaxon thinks his dad is pretty cool as well, especially when Trent kept on swishing all of those 3 pointers. I just loved watching the boys cheer their little hearts out for Jaxon's dad. Thanks boys!!!

Gage really wanted to take swimming lessons while he was off track this time. After we got there and everybody saw how much fun he was having, Malorie and Miranda both took a class as well. Jaxon was the only one that didn't want to take a class, but he always wanted to be there for the extra swimming that we did. Gage loves his big sister so much! Jaxon and his buddy Beau Beene. That was quite a tongue twister!!!

Malorie gets prettier every day...Of course that is from her mother's perspective, but thanks for just being you Mal... I love you!!!

Malorie's good friend Emma Hardin is moving soon, so we have been trying to do some extra fun stuff together until she goes.

Malorie and Emma always have such a good time together. We will really miss her!


  1. Give me an S.C.O.R.E. Gooooooo Trent! Looks like fun!

  2. I look so bad in all my pictures!

  3. Every time I see your kids - I am so amazed at how fast they seem to be growing! What a cute family! Looks like fun times!

  4. nice pics Jaxon! you to lil big bro (beau) i put all of them in my pics! haha! nice blog jaxon. dont even ask how i found it cuz i dont know! haha. C u in school boys!

    Sydney Graham!