Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun...Fun... and MORE Fun...

Trent played in the Roy High School Alumni basketball tournament the last couple of nights, sorry the picture is blurry, but that is him shooting a foul shot. Trent really had a great turn out tonight in his cheering section!!!

Corby, Mckenna, Bethany, Chelsie, Malorie, Brielle, and little Olivia all came to the game to cheer for him tonight, they think Trent is such an awesome guy and we all know that he is!!!

Jaxon thinks his dad is pretty cool as well, especially when Trent kept on swishing all of those 3 pointers. I just loved watching the boys cheer their little hearts out for Jaxon's dad. Thanks boys!!!

Gage really wanted to take swimming lessons while he was off track this time. After we got there and everybody saw how much fun he was having, Malorie and Miranda both took a class as well. Jaxon was the only one that didn't want to take a class, but he always wanted to be there for the extra swimming that we did. Gage loves his big sister so much! Jaxon and his buddy Beau Beene. That was quite a tongue twister!!!

Malorie gets prettier every day...Of course that is from her mother's perspective, but thanks for just being you Mal... I love you!!!

Malorie's good friend Emma Hardin is moving soon, so we have been trying to do some extra fun stuff together until she goes.

Malorie and Emma always have such a good time together. We will really miss her!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Way to go Trent...Woodbadge warrior!!!

Trent and Jaxon are just bonding at the woodbadge awards night.

We have a Bear, a beaver and a fox...

Bishop Hawks and his wife Christy. We just love them so much...

Tyler and Diane Talbot, who are also our next door neighbors were there and we are so proud of Tyler, he would rather be boiled in oil than do anything associated with camping. Way to go TYLER!!!

Job well done Honey. Trent received his woodbadge beads last night along with Bishop Hawks and Tyler Talbot. Way to be a great example to our boys, we are so proud of you.

Bishop Hawks is always so good to Trent and they have a wonderful time together. I pray that my boys will have the same wonderful experiences that Trent has had. Scouting is such a great program for the boys and what better example could they ask for than their own dad?

Friday, February 27, 2009

We love our little Olivia girl

Olivia Grace Kapp... Trent has 7 sisters and 1 brother and this is one of our nieces who belongs to Bethany... sister #3.

My little niece Olivia got to spend the night with us last Saturday night and go to church with our family. She is 20 months old and so full of fun and engergy. I can't believe I have forgotten how much work a little one can be. The kids were having so much fun with her and she really knew how to make them laugh when she would stick out her tiny belly. Just look at that face!!! She brought such a fun spirit into our home that weekend and we are so grateful we got to spend time with her. We love our Liv.

Liv found these glasses and wore them around all day long.

I know I am so cool...

Olivia absolutely loves my Malorie, she slept with her the night she was here and it was so fun for me to watch Mal treat her so kind and be her little mother hen. Way to be a great cousin and such a good helper for me... Thanks Malorie!!!Olivia was watching me do Miranda's hair on Saturday night for church the next day, and she insisted on fixing Malorie's hair. Soooo cute!!!

One of my favorite things about Olivia is that she is very easy to please when it comes to food, her favorite thing for breakfast is a piece of plain toast with nothing more than butter on it. It doesn't get any easier than that!!!

Owen came over to play with Olivia while she was here, do you blame him? Look how darling she is.
Hopefully my Mom and Dad will go out of town again SOON so that I can stay at Uncle Trent and Aunt Alisa's house. I had so much fun!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trent had a great day on the ice with our boys...

John Anderson invited Trent and the boys to go ice fishing Friday afternoon.

Trent would disagree, but to a mom, that ice looks pretty thin in some spots.

Our friend and neighbor John Anderson and his son Ammon. Thanks for a fun day John.

Jaxon kept wondering if the fish were ever going to bite, no fish did that day, but there is nothing like having a great day out with your dad and little brother like this one! I love my boys even my big boy!!!This is just a funny little clip of the boys sledding down the hill in John's equipment carrier.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Miranda's first day at piano lessons.

Malorie and Miranda's piano teacher.... Mindy Cella.... we just love her!!!
We have been counting down the days until Miranda's first piano lesson, I can't believe how excited she has been for this!!!

Mindy has always been so patient and such a good example to Malorie, now it's Miranda's turn.

One and... Two and... Three and... Four and... Keep counting Miranda!!!

My Miranda had her first day of piano lessons today.... She has been showing tons of interest in the piano lately, so I thought I would give it a try and see how she did. I am so blessed to have kids that are full of talents and abilities. As I sat there and watched her I was so full of gratitude to my Heavenly Father for being given such great children. She has the same teacher that Malorie has, so it will be fun for them to have something else that they both love and have in common. People often ask me why I don't teach my girls how to play, but I truly believe they can learn more from Mindy and that way I can be the helper for them when they need it and we can still have peace in our home. Mindy is always so good to Malorie and is amazed by her natural ability to play and learn. I know that Miranda will do GREAT and I am so proud of her. WaY tO gO!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

New member of the BeAr DeN... Good job Jax!!!

The newest member of the bear den... Way to go little buddy!!!

I am so proud of him now, imagine when he earns his eagle.

Thanks to bishop Hawks for taking our pictures tonight, Trent loves to pose for these things.

These will all be such fun memories for Jaxon.

The scouts provided a fun dinner for the families.

I think Jaxon has a crush on one particular scout leader. Luckily Diane is our next door neighbor and he can see her whenever he wants to!!! She is the cutest scout leader we have ever seen!!!

Jaxon was really excited tonight, it was his FiRsT blue and gold banquet for ScOuTs!!! He was given his wolf, and he also received 4 silver arrows and 1 gold arrow. It was so fun for me to watch him be SO proud of what he had done and accomplished. I think the whole experience was a good one for Jaxon. He is such a good boy and a wonderful example to our whole family. Gage was able to come with us tonight to support his older brother and I just loved watching him look up to Jaxon and be as proud of him as we were. I am so blessed and SO grateful to have my family forever.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Families are Forever...

I read this to my children as we entered the temple and the spirit helped us all...

Our friends Trey and Tyler...

my sweet Jaxon...

Gage and Kobe...

My eternal family...

Gage, Miranda, Malorie and Jaxon...

Me and Malorie on the bus...

Families are Forever...

We had such a wonderful day together. Our good friend and next door neighbor invited us to go down with their family to the Draper temple open house. It was so beautiful and so peaceful!!! My children were so reverent and had so many questions to ask Trent and I about the temple. Malorie loved the brides room and said "Mom, I want to get married here". That is always music to a mothers ears. We went at a great time because it was during the day and the crowd was not to bad. I think one of the little kids favorite parts was riding on the BIG bus up to the temple. I am so grateful for my family and the time we got to spend together at the temple. We will always be together forever!!!