Thursday, February 19, 2009

New member of the BeAr DeN... Good job Jax!!!

The newest member of the bear den... Way to go little buddy!!!

I am so proud of him now, imagine when he earns his eagle.

Thanks to bishop Hawks for taking our pictures tonight, Trent loves to pose for these things.

These will all be such fun memories for Jaxon.

The scouts provided a fun dinner for the families.

I think Jaxon has a crush on one particular scout leader. Luckily Diane is our next door neighbor and he can see her whenever he wants to!!! She is the cutest scout leader we have ever seen!!!

Jaxon was really excited tonight, it was his FiRsT blue and gold banquet for ScOuTs!!! He was given his wolf, and he also received 4 silver arrows and 1 gold arrow. It was so fun for me to watch him be SO proud of what he had done and accomplished. I think the whole experience was a good one for Jaxon. He is such a good boy and a wonderful example to our whole family. Gage was able to come with us tonight to support his older brother and I just loved watching him look up to Jaxon and be as proud of him as we were. I am so blessed and SO grateful to have my family forever.


  1. O.k. I'm sure I'm not the only one who "never thought we'd see the day." First me!?! That is one large sea of khaki I'm wearing! Congratulations to Jaxon! Proud of ya bud!

  2. Congratulations, Jaxon. You look so handsome in your scout uniform! You're such a great guy! Stay with the scouting program throughout your youth, and it will make you even better! Sure love you and your family.

  3. Alisa, love your pics! It is such a proud moment when these boys accomplish such great things! Way to go Jax!

  4. Jaxon....will make an incredible Scout! Just think when he turns 12 he can go out and join the Boy Scouts in their snow cave overnighter adventures....
    Someone told me that it is good for Scouts to do hard things, then they will be able to tackle anything that comes their way.
    What a great blessing Jaxon will be to his troop. Wishing you all the best Jax!