Thursday, January 29, 2009


My little Gage kept asking me why I didn't have any pictures of
just him on my blog, so here you go Gage!!! He was such a trooper
hanging out with all of us girls at the tumbling meet last weekend.
For those of you who know my little guy better than others,
know that Gage always has a way with the cute girls... He loves
Malorie's friend Skylee and was so excited to cheer for her.
Gage will be starting itty-bitty hoops soon, so check back for
fun new pictures of him trying to learn how to dribble, shoot,
block shots, and NOT foul.
Gage absolutely loves his Grandma Joyce...

Gage age 6

UuuuuGggggHhhhh how much longer is this competition? Gage never misses a chance for a good pose either!!! I love
you so much little buddy!!!


  1. He is adorable Alisa! So grown up!

  2. Alisa, I just checked you blog and who do I little gage. I LOVE HIM! What a cute. Tell him he is darling and I love his pics.

  3. I love my little Gage. He makes me so happy. My favorite is when he tells me how pretty and skinny I am and then quickly changes his mind. Gage you look so cute in those pictures buddy. I love you so much. Come play soon!!

  4. Love you, that middle picture of him where he's pulling the face...he is definitely his daddy's little boy. He is going to be a heartbreaker someday!!!

  5. Oh my Gage Boy! I just love you. Love the pics!!! I just want to give you a big squeeze!!

  6. That picture of Gage pulling the funny face is so Trent! I'm laughing out loud!