Monday, February 2, 2009

Moments I love most...

I was doing some laundry the other day when a calm silence came over my house. These are moments I will always treasure. Miranda found my laundry basket and I guess it was in between a few loads that I found her here...This doesn't happen very often at our home, so this will be a picture that I will always remember.


  1. I love it! What a little sweetheart. That picture is precious. Miranda is such a cutie. I love when kids fall asleep in strange places. So cute!

  2. These are the moments to remember. She is a cutie! This reminds me of when Austin fell asleep in that box at school when we did reflections. They come up with some interesting places. Love it!!

  3. How precious! What a sweetheart! I'm glad you were able to attend the Draper Temple Open House. What a beautiful house of God. It's so fun to read your blog and see what's going on in your beautiful family. Malorie is such a beautiful young woman! And Jaxon is such a handsome young man! All your kids are adorable! Sure love you guys!